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        1. Welcome: Yanshi Yaxin Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd
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          About us

               Henan Yanshi Yaxin Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd isLuoyangnew building materials equipment designated production units. It was founded in 1964 and specializing in the production of brick-making machinery has been forty years, and won the Luoyang wall materials industry advanced unit, Advanced enterprise of building materials production and management, Quality management standards enterprise, Fulfill contract and defends the credit enterprise and other honors many times.


               Our main production is Two-stage vacuum brick machine, energy saving compact vacuum brick machine, single-stage vacuum brick machine, clay common brick machine, QT series block making machine, crusher, feeder, mixer, high-speed crushing roller machine, rolling screens, conveyors hydraulic car ferry, kiln cars, trucks and other kiln equipment and other ancillary equipment. It’s suitable for clay, shale, coal gangue, coal ash, slag and other industrial raw materials and different processes in multiple levels to meet customer demand.


              We also provide raw materials analysis, site planning, and equipment installation and commissioning services freely; we had a professional team of construction of a variety of artificial drying tunnel and tunnel kilns, Hoffman kilns. Our equipments sale network in more than 20 provinces, and sold to Bangladesh,Sudan,Vietnam,Mongolia,Kazakhstan and other countries and regions and got high praise from the users.

          Rona Guo  

          Yanshi Yaxin Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.





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          CONTACT US

          Contact: RONA GUO

          Phone: 13503881770 13693797363

          Tel: 0379-67576648

          Email: ysyxjx@126.com

          Add: Sigou Industry Zone , Yanshi,Henan,China

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